Thanks & Links

Our kids, friends, family, farmstay guests and wwoofers/helpx

To everyone who has lent a hand, wished us well, picked up a shovel and joined us on this journey - we are forever grateful!

Native Bees

Native bee enthusiasts and macro photography wonders Bob Luttrell and Marc Newman who so generously provided many of the remarkable photos you see on this site

John Klumpp, Russell and Janine Zabel, Peter & Meg Davenport, Les and Anne Dollin and the folks at Kin Kin Native Bees who’s passion and knowledge for native bees has inspired so many

  • The generous and fun Dr Tim Heard who walked with us as we set about creating our native bee sanctuary

Moderators and members of the AN Bees Group who so generously share their knowledge and passion for native bees.

  • The irreplaceable Rod Blatch, the man who first introduced us to the wonderful world of bees
  • Gardens

Ethnobotanical garden designer Ken Hawkins for walking the blank hillside with us in the very early stages, and helping us get the party started!

Luke & Elysha Kramar from TerraFIrma Gardens for going along with this whole crazy idea and bringing their own inspiration and perspiration to the project - thanks guys!

Mark McCarthy for his wonderful knowledge of bamboo...and his kind heart too! 

  • Peter Morgan from Get Real Landscaping for bringing good karma to the world's most solidly built kiwi fruit trellis!


The gang at Myrtec solutions for solving everything along the way!

  • Government & Tourism Assistance
  • There is no way we could have achieved so much without the support of:
  • The Australian Government through T-QUAL grants.
  • We are also incredibly grateful for the support of the NSW Government through Destination NSW's 2011/2012 Regional Tourism Product Development Program. The aim of this program was to improve tourism experiences in regional NSW. North Coast Tourism have been of invaluable assistance and encouragement also!

Thank you for helping us bring Australia’s native bees and useful plants a little more of the attention they deserve!

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