Tetragonula Carbonaria

Tetragonula carbonaria is the same species as Trigona carbonaria...just with a scientific re-classification of its name (occured in 2012...after we had the signs printed of course) smiley. With advances in DNA and genetic testing scientists are having lots of fun re-classifying species as they learn more about them. Native beekeepers often refer to this wonderful stingless bee simply as Tc.

A tiny (4mm) stingless bee that looks a bit like a black flying ant. About 10,000 of these make up a strong hive and these are the most common native bee for enthusiasts to keep in their garden. This bee has a flying range of about 500 metres compared to 5km for a Honey Bee. It is known to survive as far south as Bega in NSW, but does need protection from the cold. It does best in warmer climates and with protection.

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