Peruvian Pepper Tree

Scientific Name: 
Schinus molle
Family Name: 
Place of Origin: 
Plant Description: 
The top branches of the tree droop down over a light brown trunk. The peppercorns range from pink to red. The leaves are thin and light green.
Plant Height: 
Up to 15m tall
Plant Width: 
5-10 meters wide
Plant Use: 
Of Interest: 
The Peruvian Pepper's oil was used to clean and heal wounds due to it's antiseptic properties. Though not like normal pepper, the Peruvian Pepper's pink peppercorns were sold to be mixed in with commercial pepper.
Annual, Biannual or Perennial: 
Plant Type: 
Small Tree
Medium Tree
Cool Temperate
Warm Temperate
Deciduous or Evergreen: 

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