Scientific Name: 
M. balsamea Willd
Family Name: 
Plant Description: 
Dark green leaves with a bronzish tinge on the new growth and dark red stems.
Plant Height: 
15cm to 1m
Plant Use: 
Of Interest: 
We use fresh peppermint on the farm as a friendly way to tell ants to go away…they just don’t like it. It’s also good when used as a tea for indigestion, and to promote relaxation. Chew a few fresh leaves and you’ll be feeling fresh and ready to go...just make sure you plant it in a contained pot as otherwise it can take over the whole garden. Peppermint is a cross between watermint and spearmint.
Annual, Biannual or Perennial: 
Plant Type: 
Deciduous or Evergreen: 

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