Noni Fruit

Scientific Name: 
Morinda citrifolia
Family Name: 
Place of Origin: 
India, Southeast Asia and Pacific Region
Plant Description: 
Striking evergreen shrub that produces white flowers that turn into fruits shaped like a grenade that are green and bumpy. Sometimes known as "CheeseFruit".
Plant Height: 
Up to 10m
Plant Use: 
Of Interest: 
Fruit eaten raw . The juice is said to be high in antioxidants and can help heart disease and high blood pressure. Studies have also found that Noni Fruit reduced the symptoms in cancer patients and also helped relieve chronic pain. However on the downside, Noni Juice is high in potassium and can be dangerous for people with kidney disease. Not good for diabetics due to it's high levels of glucose
Annual, Biannual or Perennial: 
Plant Type: 
Small Tree
Deciduous or Evergreen: 

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