Scientific Name: 
Cocos nucifera
Family Name: 
Place of Origin: 
South America
Plant Description: 
A large palm tree which grows up to 30m.
Plant Height: 
Plant Use: 
Of Interest: 
Coconut oil has been described as 'the healthiest oil on earth' because it contains Medium chain fatty acids (MCFA). MCFA strengthen heart and circulatory system protecting against artherosclerosis and heart disease The MCFAs in coconut oil also have the ability to kill harmful microorganisms invading the human body, such as bacteria, virus and yeast. Coconut oil has been shown to kill viruses and bacteria that cause influenza, herpes, bladder infections, gum diseases as well as cure yeast infections such as candida, and inhibit the growth of parasites such as tapeworm, liver flukes, and giardia. Moreover, coconut oil is able to defend against these organisms gently, without damaging the organs. In the beauty world coconut oil can be mixed with baking soda to make an effective natural toothpaste. It can be used alone as a prep for skin before shaving, and as a moisturiser to promote firm skin tone, prevent age spots, sagging and wrinkles. Apply to the hair and scalp to eliminate head lice, dandruff, cradle cap and to condition hair, prevents split ends, and reduce frizz.
Plant Type: 
Deciduous or Evergreen: 

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