Carob Clifford

Scientific Name: 
Ceratonia siliqua
Family Name: 
Place of Origin: 
Mediterranean Area
Plant Description: 
Medium evergreen tree which produces carob pods
Plant Height: 
Up to 10m
Plant Use: 
Animal Fodder
Harvest Period: 
Of Interest: 
"The tree you plant so your grandchildren will never go hungry". It's long-lived, drought tolerant and the pods can be eaten fresh or stored. Food for humans and cattle. The pods can also be used as a cocoa substitute or eaten fresh. Carob pods are more nutritional than chocolate made from cocoa powder. We planted Carob Clifford so we didn't need male and female trees. The high pectin content of Carob causes it to be valuable in assisting digestion and protecting the body naturally against diarrhea and heartburn. Isabell Shipard - author of 'How Can I Use Herbs In My Daily Life?' says: "A research study, using carob powder with babies for bacterial or viral diarrhea, showed recovery within 2 days. Babies treated with conventional medicine took almost twice as long to recover."
Annual, Biannual or Perennial: 
Plant Type: 
Medium Tree

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