Plants By Use

This page is a work in progress, but it's where we hope to list plants and natural materials (such as beeswax and honey) in the categories in which they can be used. Some plants can be used in a variety of ways so will appear in more than one list. Click here for the full list of plants in the garden or below for more information on the different uses (we still have lots of work to do on this so apologise not all plants/categories are completed).



Animal Fodder

Antioxidants and Antiageing


Bee Fodder

Beverage (such as a tea, juice, alcohol, nectar, cordial etc)

Brain health/Concentration




Dye Plants

Fuel plants


Insect Repelling

Medical Plants (such an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, expectorant etc)

Mulch plants

Perfume and air-freshener plants


Sweet plants

Toxic, Poison or Severely Irritating in some way

Walking Sticks

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