History of the Farm

Our family, the Campbell's, have lived here since 2006 and hope to live here until all the trees we've planted bear fruit, timber and shade...so a long, long time!

The farm is 90 acres in size and when we were looking at setting up a sustainable farm it caught our attention thanks to its beautiful views, creek and the lovely valley. It's close to the Wallamba River and the beaches and lakes of Forster too, and has a good rainfall.

The soil quality was average to poor, but we've been working on that over the years using our chicken caravans, slashing/mulching, growing legumes and applying organic compost teas.

We've planted thousands of trees and shrubs since we arrived ranging from trees for wildlife habitat and windbreaks, through to trees for furniture and food, but have also kept lots of open paddocks for our animals to graze.

There are so many beautiful parts of Australia, and so many beautiful parts of the Manning Valley and Great Lakes it can be hard to decide where to put your roots down...but this region is pretty amazing.


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