Like to make some habitat for native bees in your own backyard?


If it's stingless bees you'd like to keep, you'll need to either buy or build a hive. The OATH Hive was designed by Dr Tim Heard and you can see it here on the farm.

If it's habitat for the other species of native bee, check out the Bee Motel to get some ideas.

You can use reeds and pithy sticks bundled together as habitat for reed bees. Just make sure they're under cover and won't swing in the breeze.

Carpenter bees like logs and blocks of wood with some pre-drilled holes tempting them in.

A mortar and soil mix packed into besser blocks might get Teddy Bear Bees paying attention.

This is an image of a Leafcutter Bee's nest. If you ever find perfect semi-circles cut out of your rose and other leaves...it might be the Leafcutter at work. Image by Bob Luttrell.

The following image by Marc Newman is of a Resin bee nesting in bamboo.




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