Frequently Asked Questions about Native Bees

Q. How do I know when to split my hive of stingless bees?

A. According to Frank Adcock writing in the Australian Natives Bees forum, the best way is to feel the weight of the box (so you can judge how many bees/brood/honey stores etc). The weight is also affected by the type of timber used to construct the hive, so Frank's example is:

WRC Hive - 3.750kg

Hoop Pine Hive - 5.175kg

Silky Oak hive - 5.645kg


Q. Our council is chopping trees down that have native bees in them, how do we do a bee rescue?

A. There are different native bee rescuers around Australia, if you're in the Taree/Great Lakes area, send us an email and we can put you in touch with Max Bennett who can relocate them for you.

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