Farm Animals

All the animals play a part in the management of the farm whether it be to provide manure, keep the grass down, provide fleece or protect...or just be there for attention and cuddles!

We're registered breeders of Dorper Sheep and Miniature Galloway Cattle too, so it's a great place to observe these special breeds too.

Here are some of the animals who live at the farm:

  • Alpacas: Help guard the lambs and chickens from foxes, and provide us with luxurious fleece
  • Dorper Sheep: These black-headed, de-fleecing sheep help us keep fireweed under control
  • Merino Cross Bred Sheep: Help keep the grass down and provide us with wool for insulation
  • Horses: Magnificent creatures, creating magnificent manure and much loved by our family
  • Cows: Miniature Galloway cows are the most gorgeous cows you will ever see.
  • Chickens: Light Sussex, Araucanas, Isabrowns and Australorps help create the freshest of free range eggs
  • Goats: Providers of milk and lots of laughter!

Come meet our farmyard gang! They're just a bit adorable!


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